About Incline Village

About Incline Village

Find Out Why Incline Village is the Jewel of Lake Tahoe…


Incline Village is the strong beating heart of the North Lake Tahoe region — and with good reason. Located on the north shore of pristine Lake Tahoe, Incline Village is surrounded by greenbelt and protected federal lands.


If you desire a place to call home that encompasses only the best elements of a master planned community and a diverse group of people dedicated to ensuring that Incline Village will remain the Jewel of Lake Tahoe for generations to come, you owe it to yourself to explore all that Incline Village has to offer. 


Incline Village Then and Now

Multimillionaire real estate developer Captain George Whittell once owned what is now Incline Village, Nevada. Although he hated the idea of parting with the 9,000 acres of prime land he owned, the Crystal Bay Development Company convinced him to sell the property when they showed him their vision for the property.


Crystal Bay Development Company envisioned much more than the typical run of the mill community. They went to work planning every aspect of the community, and ensuring that what they created would pass the test of time as a unique village and destination of nature lovers. 


No stone was left unturned in ensuring that Incline Village would make the grade: 

  • Well thought out roads to ensure that future generations would be able to navigate Incline Village without some of the other transportation issues plaguing other communities 
  • Crystal Bay Development Company purchased and developed plenty of prime beach front areas    to maximize the enjoyment of Incline Village’s citizens
  • A ski resort and professional-grade golf course were built, which gives those living in Incline Village ample opportunities to enjoy playful respite from their everyday lives


Today, Incline Village is as In-demand as Ever

It seems the world revolves around the law of supply and demand. Incline Village is no different. Because the community cannot expand beyond its current 9,000 acre natural boundary, people wanting to purchase property in the Incline Village area face challenges, especially if they want vacant land for building purposes.


Some Incline Village real estate buyers prefer to purchase existing homes to live in, while others prefer the opportunity to begin with a blank slate — purchasing existing homes, then doing a teardown/rebuild on the original site. Regardless of which you prefer, there are opportunities for you to create the living arrangement that most appeals to you.


Perks of Incline Village Living


Other than year-round exposure to one of nature’s most beautiful and scenic environments, here’s another reason to call Incline Village home: There is a beach open only to residents of Incline Village and their guests. Unless you know someone, the only way in is to become a resident.


Incline Village Will Never Succumb to Urban Sprawl

Anyone from large urban centers is intimately familiar with the term “urban sprawl”. You won’t find anything approaching urban sprawl in Incline Village. Here’s why: Incline Village cannot grow beyond its current borders. This keeps Incline Village small and quaint, which is what the residents of the village prefer.


Don’t you?


Incline Village: Only Missing One Key Ingredient to the Perfect Life

As you can see, Incline Village has a lot to offer. It has just about everything you could want or need in a community. 


Incline Village is really only missing one thing: you.


Because it can sometimes be challenging to locate the perfect Incline Village home, you need the best qualified real estate agent to help guide you through the process of finding, financing and closing on the home of your choice.


I’m Jeffrey Corman, one of the best real estate agents in Incline Village. I’d love to help you locate the right home, regardless of your taste in homes or your budget.


To learn more about available properties in Incline Village, go here or give me a call today at (775) 339-1144.