Many affluent executives become residents of this picturesque Incline Village before a major liquidity event...

Come for fun in the sun – stay for tax advantages! Incline Village is a little bit of paradise on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe — the skiing mecca — where on “Billionaires’ Row,” bold-face names like Michael Milken; Larry Ellison, Oracle co-founder; David Duffield, PeopleSoft co-founder; and Gene Pretti, CEO of investment managers Zazove, boast lavish mansions on the big blue lake.

Many affluent executives — especially those in California’s tech and financial industries – prior to a major liquidation event, establish residency in Incline, a tony sun-drenched playground of winter and summer sports. Why do they come? Nevada has no state personal, business or corporate income tax. Besides, Incline Village is a gorgeous place.


Incline Village, on Lake Tahoe, offers privacy for celebrities

With the Silver State’s secrecy laws around corporations, Incline has a reputation as a tax haven where investors register shell corporations and set-up residency to escape tax liability. Incline's nickname: “Income Village.”