This Tiny Nevada Town Is One Of The Happiest Places In America

Sometimes it’s hard to know what constitutes a “happy place”. There are happy residents in every tiny town across the country. But in this case, we have referenced data sites like Movoto, in order to find out which towns rank the happiest according to particular factors. Having solid amenities, high quality of life, low crime rate, low unemployment rate, stellar weather, a good education system and low poverty rates are all good indicators of happy places to live. And when we took a look at the happiest tiny towns in Nevada, one answer was most glaringly obvious.

Right in the heart of Washoe County, Nevada you’ll find the town of Incline Village.


It’s really easy to see why Incline Village would rank at the top of Movato’s list for best places to live in the state.


On the north shore of Lake Tahoe sits the census-designated place of Incline Village which is enjoyed by all no matter the season.


With a population of less than 8,000 residents, Incline Village stays fairly small throughout the year, yet come tourist season, explodes with opportunity.


A few simple, yet easily explainable reasons why Incline Village is such a happy Nevada town include…


…eating at a renowned steakhouse like the Lone Eagle Lounge for lunch and dinner.


…traipsing the shoreline of Sand Harbor and enjoying the crystal clear blue waters.

Flickr Ken Lund

…hitting the slopes for an epic skiing adventure at Diamond Peak Ski Resort.

…grabbing a hot cup of coffee to start your day from the neighboring coffee shop IV Coffee Lab.

…snagging a local beer from Alibi Ale Works & Brewery with your friends.

…or just hiking through the woods and experiencing complete silence and total immersion in nature.

If those reasons aren't enough to understand why Incline Village is one of the happiest spots in Nevada, then you may just have to visit and see for yourself.