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Discover Which Incline Village Neighborhood is Right for You and Your Family...

Choosing the right Incline Village neighborhood is largely a function of personal preference, proximity to work and play destinations, and — of course — budget. Rather than try to steer you towards a single Incline Village neighborhood, I’ll present information about all of the major neighborhoods to give you unfettered access to all relevant Incline Village neighborhoods — and let you decide which Incline Village neighborhoods are of most interest to you and your family.


If living at the highest possible elevation in Incline Village strikes your fancy, the Apollo subdivision is one you should consider. At more than 7,300 feet, you’ll be high enough to experience all that Apollo Village makes available to those living in the subdivision.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Apollo subdivision is the almost total veil of privacy provided by mother nature. Numerous hiking trails within walking distance of most Apollo subdivision homes will enable you to take in panoramic lake and mountain views and remind you on a daily basis just what is so incredibly special about living in the Apollo subdivision.

If you’re concerned that Apollo subdivision’s elevation will make it impossible for school buses to climb “the hill” to pick up/drop off, don’t worry. While your kids’ prayers will occasionally be answered with a snow day, most of the time those prayers will go unanswered… which will mean that your prayer for bus service will be answered the overwhelming majority of the time.   

If you’re interested in living in one of the Lake Tahoe region’s premier neighborhoods, Incline Village’s Apollo subdivision is for you. Home prices typically range between $900K all the way up to $3M (or more).


If you’re bored by an unchanging local environment, the Millcreek subdivision might just be what the doctor ordered. Millcreek subdivision’s appearance is in a state of constant change, as homeowners tear down older homes and rebuild homes that can only be described as luxurious. 

This marriage of the old with the new makes Millcreek subdivision one of the most unique and aesthetically pleasing subdivisions in the Lake Tahoe area. Millcreek subdivision gives prospective buyers the options to purchase homes that are ready to live in or purchase properties that can be torn town so you can build the exact home your mind’s eye sees. In many cases, this option is less expensive than remodeling (and gives you the chance to build the home of your dreams on the piece of land you’ve fallen in love with).

Here are just a few of the reasons that Millcreeek subdivision might make sense to you in your search for the perfect Incline Village home:

  • Redevelopment and new construction which has helped to drive aggressive property appreciation in the North Lake Tahoe real estate market
  • Level building lots which helps to reduce the cost of building new homes (this will help you build the home of your dreams for less)
  • Millcreek subdivision is within easy walking distance of Incline and Ski beaches, Incline Village’s own resident-only beaches

One of the most attractive aspects of purchasing your next home in the Millcreek subdivision is the fact that there’s a price range for just about any budget. Current active listings in the Millcreek subdivision range from about $400K all the way up to $5.5M. 


If you’re willing to sacrifice the tedium of having a yard requiring maintenance in exchange for panoramic lake views, you owe it to yourself to check out the Eastern Slope subdivision. Make no mistake about it — Eastern slope yards are steep and largely unusable (with the exception of a few large estates which boast impressive acreage on which to move around).

Brilliant sunshine and bright southern exposure have prompted many locals to refer to the Eastern Slope subdivision as “The Banana Belt”. A quick look to the south will help you to fully understand how apt this moniker is.

Because the elevation is between 6,500-7,000 feet, the Eastern Slope subdivision is susceptible to snow. Since ample sunlight floods the neighborhood, you’ll typically see “snow and go”, meaning that rapid melt off occurs when snowfall occurs. 

Homes in the Eastern Slope neighborhood of Incline Village tend to be large and spacious, with 6,000-10,000 square feet being the most common sizes.

If you’d like to take advantage of the stillness of a forest like setting — and close proximity to U.S. Forest Service set asides — you’ll be glad to know that the price of entry for Eastern Slope neighborhood homes ranges between $480K up to about $7M.


Golf is one of the most satisfying, yet challenging games for wealthy Americans. If you’re a lover of golf, you absolutely must check out Incline Village’s Championship Golf Course and the luxury homes for sale right on the course. 

Luxury homes in this resort-like setting are built on level lots, with panoramic views of the professionally manicured greens. The best part of living in the Championship Golf Course neighborhood is that you reap the rewards of living on the golf course without having to take care of the course. (Sorry — you’re still responsible for maintaining your own yard!) 

Homes in the Championship Golf Course neighborhood of Incline Village are commensurate with the quality you might expect from one of Lake Tahoe’s premier luxury neighborhoods, but much more affordably than you  might think: prices range from $400K up to about $3.6M. 


If the enticement of a championship-quality golf course is to your liking, but you’d like to live in a smaller golf course community, the Mountain Golf Course neighborhood might just fit the bill. 

In addition to ample golf course views, the Mountain Golf Course neighborhood also offers stunning views of the mountains (as the name implies). 

Most homes back up to the golf course, many of which are on cul-de-sacs, which helps to ensure that you’ll be able to hit the links quickly and easily no matter where you live in the Mountain Golf Course neighborhood. 

If you choose to buy a home in the Mountain Golf Course neighborhood, you’ll be living in one of the quietest, most exclusive luxury neighborhoods in the North Lake Tahoe real estate market — at a fraction of the cost you might expect. Home prices in the Mountain Golf Course neighborhood generally range between $800K to $5.75M.


Want to live in an original Incline Village neighborhood without the cost of some of the Lake Tahoe real estate market’s pricier neighborhoods? Then check out The Woods neighborhood.

If you buy a home in The Woods subdivision, you’ll be close to the heart of Incline Village, which means you’ll be exceptionally close to everything:

  • Schools 
  • Raley’s Shopping Center 
  • Incline Library 
  • Athletic Club 
  • Hospital 
  • Preston Field
  • Soccer/baseball field 
  • Kids’ playground

Many parents are fearful of letting their children out of their sight because of traffic and other safety concerns. You’ll be thrilled to know that The Woods subdivision boasts exceptionally low traffic counts, which makes it safer for your kids to roam free as they explore the area. 

While home lots in The Woods subdivision are generally small (most lots are about 0.40 acres) you’ll immediately notice that these lots are level with very little sloping. This will make it easier for you to take advantage of outdoor activities in your yard, as well as handling lawn care without excessive exertion.  

The Woods subdivision is in a constant state of change. New construction, remodeling and expansion projects are common. Because residents take tremendous pride in their homes, many residents take steps to ensure that their home truly does become their castle. 

Homes in The Woods subdivision of Incline Village are extremely affordable — from $400K up to $2.5M. Regardless of the size of your budget, there’s sure to be a home in The Woods that meets your requirements.


Ponderosa subdivision offers residents the peace and serenity of a naturally secluded, wooded tapestry with the convenience of being close to the modern conveniences Incline Villagers rely on in their daily lives.

With about 270 gently sloping parcels ranging in size between 0.40 and 0.70 acres, the Ponderosa subdivision is the very definition of “family friendly”. Regardless of where you live in the subdivision, there’s a pretty good chance that a school bus will make a daily stop on a corner near you.

Boasting full lake views in many parts of the Ponderosa Subdivision, you can also enjoy the wooded splendor that is one of the more beautiful natural parts of the North Lake Tahoe area. 

If you’d like to explore the possibility of buying a home in the Ponderosa Subdivision, attractive, ready-to-live-in homes are available within the price range of $480K-$9.2M.   


If you’re not familiar with Incline Village, Lakeview Subdivision is situated just to the west of Village Blvd. Lakeview subdivision is much, much more than a location… it is a destination. For life. For living. For enjoyment. 

If the thought of living in a mature neighborhood of mostly built parcels appeals to you, Lakeview subdivision might just be what the doctor ordered. 

Large, level, family-friendly lots that invite outdoor family fun are the norm in Lakeview subdivision (the average lot is a little under half an acre, which gives most families plenty of room to play). 

If you like to walk, there’s plenty to do without needing to jump in your car, including:

  • Lakeshore Blvd. walking path
  • Burnt Cedar Beach (have you seen the outdoor pool?)
  • Sandy beach
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Children’s playground 
  • Picnic area 
  • Village Post Office
  • Restaurants
  • Specialty shops
  • Dance studio
  • Workout studio
  • Beauty shop

Home prices in Lakeview subdivision range from about $800K up to $4.6M.


You might be the kind of person who bristles at the mere thought of being too secluded from people. If this describes you, condominium living is your idea of “roughing it”. If this is the case, Central subdivision is right up your alley.

Because Central subdivision has Incline Village’s highest concentration of condominiums, this is the neighborhood for you if you feel the steady, firm pull of living in a higher density area that gives you ready access to modern conveniences like:

  • Beaches
  • Movie theaters
  • Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Post Office
  • Recreation center
  • Tennis complex
  • Biking and walking trails
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Skateboard park
  • Churches
  • Banks
  • Library

The Central subdivision isn't a hotbed of new construction. While this might be a negative to some folks, there’s a silver lining to this fact: Older properties means much lower property taxes than other Incline Village neighborhoods with newer, more expensive homes. If the thought of keeping more of your money in your pocket appeals to you, Central subdivision might be a good destination for you.


Are you searching for a North Lake Tahoe vacation home? Interested in purchasing an affordable condo or PUD you can use for rental income as a nightly or monthly vacation rental? Then you might want to step on up to the Ski Way subdivision, a popular, affordable destination because of its proximity to Diamond Peak and the beach.

As a point of reference, Incline Village’s Ski Way subdivision is located just off Country Club Drive as the road winds its way up to Diamond Peak. Some of the neighborhoods and condo developments that make up the Ski Way subdivision include:

Lower Tyrolioa and Tyrolean Village - These are enchanting Bavarian-style neighborhoods that feature a few attached condos in the midst of mostly free-standing chalets

Mountain Shadows and Alpine Terrace - If you’re interested in a higher density Incline Village condo development, you should consider beginning your search here. 

Burgundy Hill and Ski Way Ridge - These are high rise condo developments, ripe for use as real estate investments such as nightly or monthly rentals.

Special bonus for this who like to experience incredible dining while enjoying spectacular lake views: Check out the Big Water Grill in Incline Village, on Ski Way just below Diamond Peak. Trust me on this: you won’t be disappointed. And this is equally true whether you’re a resident or just want to eat well while checking out Ski Way subdivision properties.

Upper Tyner Subdivision

If your idea of the “perfect” Incline Village lake view home encompasses something ranging from mansions suiting even the most discriminating tastes or your wants and needs are geared more towards owning a smaller, more economical home or even an older cabin, you owe it to yourself to check out Upper Tyner subdivision. 

Located above Highway 431 (to the west of the Jennifer subdivision in Incline Village) Upper Tyner subdivision properties offer lake views. In come cases, your view is just a tease, views offering just enough of a peek to let you know that incredible views are just out of sight while in others, majestic lake views expose the lake in all its glory. 

By going farther up the mountain to higher elevations, you can reap the rewards of lower real estate prices. Guess what? Many people don’t realize that fewer people live at these higher elevations, which makes for quieter, more serene surroundings while you enjoy incredible views.  

The Upper Tyner subdivison is a not too closely-held secret of Incline Village locals: Many locals choose to live in Upper Tyner so they can take advantage of all of the perks available at a fraction of the cost.

Depending on the type of home you’re seeking, prices in Incline Village’s Upper Tyner subdivision range from about $490K up to $4.6M.


Do you fancy the thought of living at slightly lower elevation but still want to enjoy mountain and canyon views? Then consider stepping into the Lower Tyner subdivision, just above Incline Village’s Ponderosa subdivision. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of knowing that single family homes and condos are typically available, depending on current availability. (Like the Upper Tyner subdivision, Lower Tyner also has a fair number of year-round residents.)

One of the reasons Lower Tyner subdivision is in demand is because of the price of single family homes and condos: At about $690K, the price of entry is a little higher than some Incline Village neighborhoods, but prices typically cap at about $3M, which makes Lower Tyner subdivision one of the more reasonably-priced neighborhoods for you to consider.   


The first neighborhood Californians see as they cross the state line into North Lake Tahoe’s Incline Village is Crystal Bay. Like a welcoming red carpet, Crystal Bay’s homes welcome visitors to take a closer look at some of the splendor that awaits. 

Ranging from stunning homes with panoramic views of Lake Tahoe to condo complexes like Stillwater Cove, there is an abundance of Crystal Bay homes available for those interested in living close to the California state line while enjoying the benefits of income tax-free Nevada.

If you choose to purchase a Crystal bay condo in Stillwater Cover, you’ll have access to some incredible perks:

  • Private marina 
  • Restaurant 
  • Tennis courts 
  • Swimming pool 
  • Underground parking

It’s important to note that Crystal Bay homeowners aren’t granted Incline Village lake privileges. If you choose to buy a home or condo in Crystal Bay, you will still qualify for other perks such as discounts on:

  • Golf course usage
  • Tennis
  • Recreations center 
  • Diamond Peak

Active homes for sale in the Crystal Bay portion of the North Lake Tahoe real estate market are priced between $590K up to $2.75M.


Crystal Bay Lakefront offers all of the same amenities as Crystal Bay, but with a premium living experience. You’ll enjoy the same perks as Crystal Bay homes and condos, but at higher prices. 

As one of the more high end subdivisions in the North Lake Tahoe real estate market, Crystal Bay Lakefront homes are available at prices between $5.25M up to $18M. 


If the thought of living amongst the uber-wealthy and powerful appeals to you - and why wouldn’t it? — it’s imperative that you check out Incline Lakefronts, Incline Village’s most sought after neighborhood. 

Lakefront homes in the Incline Lakefronts area are in such high demand that many buyers will immediately buy anything available just to live on the lakefront. Regardless of whether you’re in the market for a private cove with your own private pier or you prefer owning your own slice of paradise on the beach, Incline Lakefronts is the destination for the rich and well-connected. 

When you choose to search for a home in the Incline Lakefronts neighborhood of Incline Village, you can relax with the knowledge that you’re looking for a home in the most luxury listing-dense area of the North Lake Tahoe real estate market, which gives you more opportunities to locate the home of your dreams.

Do you know why Incline Lakefronts is known to astute luxury real estate buyers all over the world? Quite simply: architectural excellence. Regardless the kind of luxury property you’d like to buy in the Incline Lakefronts area, you will be thrilled by the types of luxury properties available, such as:

  • French chateaus whose luxurious amenities make you feel as if you’ve magically been transported to the south of France
  • Majestic mountain lodges that let you enjoy all of nature’s splendor while enjoying life in the lap of luxury  
  • Awe-inspiring castles that recapture your youthful imagination and zest for life, all while enjoying Incline Lakefronts's spectacular surroundings

An often unappreciated benefit of Incline Lakefronts is the abundant wildlife. You’ll share your luxurious slice of paradise with deer, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, bears — and more. Keep your camera handy because you’ll fill your memory card with vivid photos you can show to others to prove that you can “rough it” with the best of them. 

What outdoor activities do you most enjoy? When you purchase a luxurious Incline Lakefronts home, you can take your pick from biking or walking trails along Lakeshore Boulevard or sailing or boating on the majestic Lake Tahoe.

Here’s the reality: Incline Lakefronts will give you a zest for the good life. If you aren’t already in love with Incline Lakefronts from Day One, you will be within a week or so. By then, you’ll only wonder why it took you so long to discover what living really is!

To give you an idea if you’re financially qualified to experience all that Incline Lakefronts makes available to homeowners, you can expect to spend between $2.7M up to $34M on the home of your dreams.


I’ve given you quite a few Incline Village neighborhood options to think about. Which one is most appealing to you?

Is choosing an Incline Village neighborhood a slam dunk for you? Or is it still too close too call?

Give Jeff Corman a call now at (775) 339-1144. I’ll be glad to give you more information about any Incline Village neighborhood you’re interested in, and to show you homes that meet your precise needs today. Let’s talk!